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  • PhytoPharm AG -- Developing, Farming, Distributing of Phytopharmaceuticals -- Posted By:
  • Yunnan YinMore International Corp. Ltd. -- We have established a planting base of pyrethrum with 5000 hectares, and 6000 tones of dried flowers per year which contains 1.5 to 1.8 % of pyrethrins, and have developed a series of high quality and pure natural pyrethrin pale extrat products and are able to produce 50 to 100 tones of pale extract pyrethrin with 25, 50 and 75 % concentration per year. We are now looking for distributers or sales agents worldwide. If you are interested, please contact with us through Email:, or Fax: 086-871-4639343 or Phone: 086-871-4639430 -- Posted By:
  • Kenya Pyrethrum -- Kenyan Pyrethrum ... The plant ... Production and market possibilities ... New uses of pyrethrum ... Farming Systems Kenya -- Posted By:
  • Africa Pyrethrum Information Page -- Africa Pyrethrum Information Page - Pyrethrum Growing Areas in Africa (Tanzania / Kenya) -- Posted By:
  • French firm with high technology processing plant -- Specialised in Rotenone and Pyrethrum extraction. -- Posted By:
  • USA – North Carolina - Study of the Feasibility of Pyrethrum as a New Crop for North Carolina -- Study of the Feasibility of Pyrethrum as a New Crop for North Carolina (Jeanine M. Davis Dept. of Horticultural Science N.C. State University) -- Posted By:
  • Pyrethrum Flowers Production, Chemistry, Toxicology, and Uses -- Book - Edited by John E. Casida, Professor of Entomology and Director, Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley (Highly illustrated / Covers the most recent developments in this multi-faceted area). 374 pages, 5 pp colour plates, halftones, line figures, maps, tables, 234mm x 156mm - Imprint: OUP USA -- Posted By:
  • - Chemical Search Engine -- The largest specialized chemical search service for chemical and allied professionals on the web with over 40,000 entries of chemical manufacturers, equipment, service providers and a large collection of chemical information. -- Posted By:
  • In vitro shoot tip culture for tansy and pyrethrum -- In vitro cultures were successfully established from shoot tips using MS medium supplemented with low NAA (0.54 - 1.07 µ M) and BAP (0.44 - 0.89 µ M) concentrations. Strong apical growth of the main shoots under low illumination could be suppressed by increasing the concentration of BAP. Embryos excised from surface sterilised flower heads germinated and developed faster into plantlets compared to plantlet development from seeds. -- Posted By:
  • Utilization of wild species prospecting towards new crops -- Pyrethrum, Tanacetum cinerariifolium (Trevir.) Schultz-Bip., originates from Albania and the area of former Yugoslavia (Heywood 1976). In the beginning of 1900's the cultivation of pyrethrum for the insecticide, pyrethrins, was introduced from Yugoslavia to Japan, Kenya, and Tanzania (Gullickson 1995; Bhat and Menary 1984b; Tuikong 1984). Later, India (Singh and Sharma 1989), Tasmania in Australia (Gullickson 1995; Bhat and Menary 1984b), China, USA, and several countries in South America (Gullickson 1995) became producers of pyrethrins. Pyrethrum has been cultivated also in several countries of Europe, namely in Austria, East-Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and Russia (von Schultka et al. 1985; Heywood 1976; Ozola 1971). -- Posted By:
  • Kenya - Farmers To Earn More From Pyrethrum -- Kenya – Nairobi (The Nation, July 8, 2000) - Pyrethrum farmers will benefit from a 16-per cent price increase for dry flowers. Prices rose by between Sh10 and Sh22 for the different flower categories, depending on the pyrethrin content. (Africa News) -- Posted By:
  • India - Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) -- Agrotechnology for Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium) - Csultancy/technical services seed materials for cultivation and processing/extraction of medicinal and aromatic plants. -- Posted By:
  • Biocontrol Network -- Biocontrol Network will be publishing information and marketing alternatives to "conventional" chemical pesticides and fertilizers, by making this information accessible on the World Wide Web. -- Posted By:
  • CPL Worldwide Directory of Agrobiologicals on CD-ROM (2600 products and 470 companies) -- Worldwide Directory of Agrobiologicals (products and their manufactures in each of the Main Sections using search criteria companies by name and/or country via the Company Index products by name and/or manufacturer via the Product Index glossary definitions by scientific (Latin) and common names for Target Pests, Weeds and Diseases -- Posted By:
  • Tanzania - Pyrethrum Production -- Tanzania Pyrethrum Procurement and local Sales (June 1998) -- Posted By:
  • India - Pyrethrum growing and processing 1990 – 1995 -- Abstract about Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cin.) growing in Kashmir Vally and Nilgiri Hill 1995. -- Posted By:
  • Europe - Pyrethrum Development Project -- Development of Pyrethrum (Pyrethre) Cultivation in Mediterranean Europe, for Valorisation on Domestic Insecticide and Public Health Markets -- Posted By:
  • Production of Pyrethrum (-Home) -- The purpose of this document is to describe how Pyrethrum-based insecticides can be cultivated and produced -- Posted By:
  • Australia/Tasmania - Botanical Resources Australia Pty Ltd -- Botanical Resources Australia Pty Ltd is a Tasmanian owned company which contracts with local farmers to grow Pyrethrum that is harvested from early summer onwards. -- Posted By:
  • The World Pyrethrum Forum -- The World Pyrethrum Forum -- Posted By: